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Robbin Sinclaire Prepares for the Climb of Her Life to Help Fight Lung Disease

Robbin Sinclaire is preparing for the climb of her life – a trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in order to raise funds for much-needed lung health research through the Canadian Lung Association.

“I have seen firsthand the impacts of COPD and tuberculosis – two lung diseases that continue to cripple and destroy thousands of Canadian lives every year. My goal in committing to this climb, which I am calling Kili Climb for Life, is to build awareness and raise research dollars to create healthier lives and communities,” says Robbin.

Robbin lost her grandfather and mother to COPD, a debilitating chronic disease of the lungs and the only leading cause of death still on the rise in Canada today. She has also witnessed first-hand the violent spread of tuberculosis through her work in Canada’s eastern arctic and south Asia. There, due to overcrowded living conditions and poor health, the highly infectious disease is rampant and unforgiving. And Robbin personally suffered a health scare in September 2010; pulmonary embolisms (extensive blood clots in both lungs) from which she has since fully recovered thanks to advances in medical care.

Grateful for her own restored health and intent on improving health conditions for others affected and suffering from lung disease, Robbin wants to give back. In 2014, with the generous support of sponsors old and new – Robbin is aiming to raise $10,000 in donations to help fund advances in care for Canadian COPD and tuberculosis sufferers.

Please support Robbin – and the Canadian Lung Association – in their quest to help fight lung disease.

Note: Robbin is personally handling all her own expenses related to her Kilimanjaro Climb in Tanzania to ensure all funds raised will go directly to the Canadian Lung Association in support of further lung health reasearch.

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