The Moment One Definitely Commits Oneself…

CommitUntil you are truly committed to taking action, your thoughts are nothing more than a well-intentioned plan, not a goal.   Once the commitment is made to take action – even if the way is not clear – suddenly things start to happen.  Call it providence, synchronicity or just good timing; this happened to me very recently.

As I mentioned, I have been pursuing a rigorous training program to prepare for the challenge of the Kili Climb for Life.  Upon the completion of the latest 12 week training program this weekend, I posted an entry to my virtual training partners about my plan to climb Kilimanjaro.  I had been rather quiet to that point but with the climb just six months away, I thought it was time to begin talking about this personal initiative and the reason why I was training so hard.  At the same time, a woman in the group was reminiscing about her volunteer efforts at a local orphanage in Tanzania five years before and had posted pictures from that time just minutes earlier.  It turns out that we are almost neighbours.  She has a wealth of information to share including her own Kili experience.  We are looking forward to getting together and perhaps I’ll even learn a few Swahili phrases !!!  Yes, I feel that everything is indeed falling into place…

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