12 Days of Kili – Day 12: Mweka Gate/ Moshi

Day 12 falls on January 8, 2014
Mweka Gate: 5,500-ft/1,676-m • 4-5 hours
Moshi: 3,000-ft/914-m • 30 minute drive

Last day on the mountain…and just a few hours more until a hot shower. I’ve been living this journey in two dimensions – living it here on the blog, providing a day by day account of what lies ahead and yet knowing that the real challenge lies ahead when I depart on Christmas Day. As I write this – the conclusion of the 12 Days of Kili – it is just one week until I depart on this epic journey. The time crunch is on and between client demands, corporate year end and, more importantly, special time with loved ones, I find it is difficult to find the “right” balance.  To pursue a venture of this sort is admittedly very self-indulgent and could not be pursued without the full support of those closest.  It is very special that I have this opportunity and know I am fortunate to have my guy, Jim, and our two huskies, Sakku and Atii, manning “base camp” at home.

This will be our last sight as we exit Kilimanjaro National Park……

mweka gate (2)

I will post again just prior to my departure… and appreciate your patience as I prepare and pack for the trip.


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