Safari side trip


My partners on this adventure

Hi everyone! After a very long drive I finally checked in to the safari lodge. Along the way, I saw a few baboons and of all things a camel.  Internet is spotty here (as I am learning to expect) and had little time to attempt to get on-line as I left promptly after check in – I was off to see more of Africa!  No lions today but saw giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, more baboons, dik diks, warthogs, stork, blue monkeys, impalas, velvet monkeys and elephants… amazing.

It is now 8 pm here and we are in the middle of an evening electrical storm. Lights are on and off.  I am trying to get something to eat now and then come back and work on the blog. I am really looking forward to putting my many thoughts about the Kili expedition down “on paper”.  I will also attempt to transfer my summit photo to my iphone so I can send out on the Wi-Fi if I can get locked on.  I am staying in a tented guest lodge, but each guest has a separate building/tent and they are quite far apart from one another.  I have to keep the screen zipped to keep baboons out. It is quite a walk to the dining restaurant on a dimly lit pathway so I am taking an umbrella with me just in case I run into a baboon – Freaky!  But the lodge is on a beautiful bluff overlooking the national park reserve.  This is very majestic place on our planet.

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