Start strong, stay strong

This morning I saw a post on a friend’s site and it really struck me as I continue to prepare for my departure next month for Tanzania.  With barely six weeks left, I’ve found that the days have definitely taken on a hurried pace. Work demands have not only increased but with my upcoming absence from my business and the finish of a calendar year ahead (and a corporate year just passed), there are many items on the list of to do’s. However, the one item that I cannot afford to ignore – especially now – is my own health. So despite the urgencies and endless lists (yes, there are many), I strive to meet my daily fitness goals. While I have relented on other things, my commitment to meet the objectives of the Kili Climb for Life initiative remains strong. I suppose that’s why this image meant so much this morning and is something that I will be holding in my mind with each step along the way. For all things, remembering the “why” is the most important.

Here’s to you, mom.


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