Summit to Uhuru Peak!

Today, I reached my dream of seeing Uhuru Peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19,340 feet. It is an incredible story to tell, but for now I am just too exhausted and will explain the challenges later through my blog. Today, I endured 12 hours of climbing!

We are back at Barafu Camp, not the Crater Camp as planned. I will also explain why the change later as it too is a long story in itself. I am resting here now actually gasping back bottled oxygen as I attempt to get out a few words for the blog. You’re likely saying I’m crazy and need to rest and recover, but I know all of you following this blog have been awaiting word of my summit.

I know I’ve already discussed in other entries just how great and professional Tusker has been. Well today, I know I would not have made it to the summit if not for the Tusker guides and team. I’m searching for inspirational words at right now, but I am experiencing absolute exhaustion, and this has been simply quite the adventure!

I have to rest now; otherwise I think I will lose what little I was able to consume to fuel my body today. I am so physically spent. The summit climb was much longer than it was supposed to be – at least for me!

I made it! R

robbin sinclaire in iqaluit

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