Preparing for the trek down Kili

12day11aToday, we are making our first trek back down the mountain. With my back now to Uhuru Peak, I can start to reflect somewhat on how difficult the summit climb was for me personally.  I believe my own physiology raised the level of difficulty even higher. I’ve heard it said that in order to have a successful climb you have to have 2 of 3 things going for you – physiology, physical conditioning and mental readiness.  Yesterday, I guess I had the last 2 in my favour. The entire summit day was quite dramatic, which I will write about more when back at the hotel in Moshi.  I think I still need time to understand it all myself.

Our guides reminded us this morning that although we summited, their job is not over until have us safely back at the gates to the Kilimanjaro National Park. This fact made even more impact on us all upon hearing there was an evacuation yesterday,  shortly after that we passed by a “wheelbarrow” which they use to transport the injured to an awaiting helicopter.

This is all still sinking in as I am sure you can imagine. One member of our team said simply – “you are a pretty determined lady.” A quote by Nelson Mandela comes to mind today as I descend the mountain that I fought so hard to climb up – “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

I have heard from home of more generous donations to kiliclimbforlife.  All I can say for now is a humble thank-you to all.



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